Construction loan for advisability reports

The staff of this department includes experienced appraisers, lawyers and economists, experts in areas including taxation, planning, legal aspects and real estate development.  This deparments works using a variety of data bases, developed in our office over years of practice.Financial advisability reports for real estate development projects are reports presenting an examination of the business perspective before decisions are reached by the banks in order to provide funding for project development (construction loan).  The report includes, among other things, an examination of planning vis-à-vis building rights, legal examination of property rights, and indices of development costs and expected revenue from the project.  Such reports are prepared for all kinds of projects including residential, office, commercial, industrial, hotel, protected tenancy, gas stations, residential clusters, and so on.The head of this department is Mr. Gil Siton, City planner (MA), lawyer and real estate appraiser.​

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