Real estate appraisal department

This department specializes in the full range of real estate appraisal services – commercial estimates of various real estate properties including real estate investments, commercial centers, old age homes, protected tenancies, hotels, gas stations, agricultural land, residential buildings and more. As noted, our office is on the list of approved appraisers who may provide professional opinions for credit for all Israeli banks.- Various types of arbitration – opinions for legal courts- Opinions for taxation purposes such as improvement taxes and other real estate fees- Opinions for stock market forecasts including reports of public companies in accordance with the IFRS. These opinions are given for purposes of international financial reports, in accordance with their standards.  Financial reports of Israeli real estate companies are written in accordance with the Israeli Securities Authority’s regulations.- Representation in cases of decreased value of real estate (in accordance with Regulation 197 of the Planning and building code)

- Preparation of balance tables in accordance with the Planning and building code

- Advisors for Regional Planning and building committees

- The staff of this department includes real estate appraisers and economists experienced in the area of taxation, law and real estate development.  The department’s work is based on various databases developed by our office over the course of many years. - The department managers are:  Mr. Gilad Gelbaum – real estate apprasier and MBA, and Mr. Roni Cohen – economist and real estate appraiser.​

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